In our attempt to continually improve the gene pool available here in Australia, we are pleased to have imported Puli lines that have made an enormous contribution to our breeding program.  A special and most sincere thank you must go to the Puli breeders from around the world who have become friends of Rustufarion Pulis and who have so kindly helped us by sending us such wonderful representatives of the breed.

If these people had not been so patient, willing and determined to send us these Pulis, Rustufarion would never have come so far.  As Australia is limited with its gene pool we are working continually with our international friends, importing semen and offspring of Pulis from around the world we knew to be excellent producers, and importing enough variety and sufficient individuals to ensure our breeding program is genetically healthy and strong to see us well into the future.

The fruits of our labours are now becoming apparent, as progeny from combinations of our Australian bred and imported lines are making their presence felt.

Over the years, we are pleased to have imported into Australia:

  • Aust Ch Belrob's Piece Of The Rock (Imp USA) "Rocky"
  • Belrob's Star Down Under (Imp USA) "Star"
  • Aust & Hung Jr Ch Napfenyvarosi-Csahos Rikkancs (Imp Hung) "Ricky"
  • Aust Ch Heartwell's Adam (Imp USA) "Tummy"
  • Dk, Swed & Lux Ch Bubbleton That's The Spirit (Imp Dan) "Spirit"
  • Aust Ch Moonshadow's Quintessential (Imp USA) "Quincy"
  • As well as semen from the highly successful Am Ch Prydain Trademark HT (USA) "Markie" as well as more recently Am Ch Moonshadow's Mind Over Matter (USA) "Sprout" and the stunning Am Ch Bokar Bilbo Baggins (USA) "Bo." A heartfelt thanks to the breeders from this world-famous kennels for allowing us to incorporate such quality Puli into our breeding program!

As part of our continued breeding program and drive for excellence, we are always planning for those next imported lines. We look forward to introducing more imports in the years to come and have exciting plans for the future.

Below are some of our imports...


Aust Ch Belrob's Piece of the Rock

(Imp USA)


Rocky was our first American import, arriving from Jim Belanger and Mike Connery of Belrob Acres Pulik in America, in order to expand the available gene pool here in Australia. Rocky has produced some lovely Champion progeny for Rustufarion, including Sup Ch Rustufarion Toii Boii and Ch Rustufarion Little Star as well as performance stars Rustufarion Funki Star and Rustufarion Funki Rappa. Many thanks to our good friends Jim and Mike for trusting in us and allowing us to opportunity to own such a special Puli - he is forever missed.

Sire: Am Ch Belrob's Dark Victory (USA)

Dam: Am Ch Belrob's Raycon Golly Miss Molly (USA)

Rocky is pictured relaxing in the backyard.

Aust & Hung Jr Ch Napfenyvarosi-

Csahos Rikkancs (Imp Hungary)


Ricky arrived at Rustufarion in 2002 as the first male Hungarian import to arrive in Australia. Ricky was from the very successful Napfenyvarosi kennels of Hungary and was a repeat of some very successful siblings. He enjoyed a short but successful show campaign in Australia. Ricky has passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Sire: Int & Hun & Eur Ch Herceghalmi-Szurtos Zsuga (Hung)

Dam: Gyalhatari Gubanc (Hung)

Ricky is pictured not long after his release from quarantine.

Am Ch Prydain Trademark HT (USA)


In 2005 Rustufarion was very excited to welcome into our breeding program imported semen from the highly successful Markie, owned and loved by Susan McConnell in the United States. The opportunity to introduce a dog of such calibre into our lines was a great step forward for our kennel, and Markie has produced for us several Champions, including Ch Rustufarion Trade War, sisters Gr Ch Rustufarion Outta Space and Sup Ch Rustufarion Outta Star, and Sup Ch Rustufarion Crazy Talk. We cannot thank Susan enough for allowing us to use Markie.

Sire: Am Ch Prydain Lil Tundra Tyke AM UD (USA)

Dam: Am Ch Prydain Virag HT (USA)

Markie is pictued winning Best of Breed at the Westminster Dog Show. He is owned and loved by Susan McConnell in the USA.



Aust Ch Heatwell's Adam (Imp USA)


Tummy flew in from the USA in 2005. He combines some new American lines which have proven to be useful in expanding the gene pool. Tummy was not a natural born showman but enjoyed his time in the ring, taking home Multiple In Group wins, including Runner Up to Best In Group, during his short show career in Australia. In his retirement, Tummy most enjoyed roaming the yard taking care of 'his girls' and being a most gentle 'big brother' to a generation of Rustufarion puppies.

Sire: Am Ch Wallbanger Accordingly OOVII (USA)

Dam: Am Ch Wallbanger Ocoee Shugg Avery (USA)

Tummy is pictured celebrating a successful day in the show ring shortly before his retirement from the ring.



Am Ch Moonshadow's

Mind Over Matter (USA)


Rustufarion are incredibly excited to introduce the magnificent Sprout into our breeding program! Sprout is a stunning puli, and we are 'over the moon' with the kids he has given us, including Sup Ch Rustufarion If You Dont Mind and Ch Rustufarion If You Must Know. Heartfelt thanks must go to Barbe Pessina for allowing us the opportunity to incoporate such an incredible dog into our lines.

Sire: Am Ch Moonshadow's Arctic Express (USA)

Dam: Am Ch Moonshadow Devil In Disguise (USA)

Sprout is pictured winning Best of Breed. He is owned and loved by Barbe & Russ Pessina in the USA.



Dk, Swed & Lux Ch Bubbleton

That's The Spirit (Imp Denmark)


An exciting opportunity was given in 2012 to welcome the lovely Spirit to Australia, a precious arrival from Jesper Ravn & Klaus Anderson from the world famous Bubbleton Puli kennel in Denmark. We extend our deepest thanks to Jesper & Klaus for allowing this beautiful girl to come stay with us, she is a real delight to have at home! Spirit has already blessed us with children, the mother of our "Danish Bubbles" litter!!

Sire: Dk & Swed Ch Bubbleton Birthday Bandit (Denmark)

Dam: Ch Moonshadow Effervescence (Denmark)

Spirit is pictured with her breeder, Jesper Ravn, in Denmark.



Aust Ch Moonshadow's

Quintessential (Imp USA)


Quincy arrived in Australia in 2014 from the renowned Moonshadow kennel of Barbara Pessina's. Whilst sparingly shown at the start, he has easily gained his Australian Championship Title, ably piloted by his biggest fan and most loving owner Suzy Ladanyi who we welcomed to the Rustufarion Team in 2016.

Sire: Moonshadow Wyldmor Anything Goes

Dam: Am Ch Moonshadows Aint No Angel

Quincy at one of his first shows.

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